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Entrepreneurs are highly creative individuals and can come up with ideas on the fly. However, life happens and sometimes the stress of creating a successful business can cause a crash-and-burn effect, resulting in lack of creativity. To get those innovative juices flowing, the following are some ways to boost your creativity.


Keep a Journal

Picture this: you’re walking down the street and a brilliant idea strikes you for a new venture. Your mind is racing, brainstorming possibilities and ways to execute your idea into a reality. You rush to your home or office to begin laying out the groundwork, but get hit with a roadblock of your own doing – you forget some of your ideas. Keeping a journal on your person will allow you to jot down those ideas whenever it hits you and continue to brainstorm hours, days and weeks later.



Doodling and drawing allows your mind to think differently than simply writing down words. According to Dan Roam, who worked as a consultant at some larger companies, like Google and Walmart, drawing out ideas allows them to be less confined to a normal way of thinking. “Often the best approach to solving problems and generating ideas involves a combination of words and pictures.” The next time you catch yourself daydreaming, accompany it with some doodles.



While you might be using your travel time or sabbatical as an excuse to take a much needed break, you may find some surprising benefits from your time away. No matter where you go, traveling allows you to broaden your mind and enhance your experiences. Trying new foods, studying a new language and surrounding yourself in a new culture all contribute to new ideas, problem solving and an alternate view of the world. You might even be the next Winston Chen and find the start of your new career.


Get Moving

Becoming engrossed in your work for hours on end can stifle creativity. Take a step away from your desk for a few minutes to reset your brain and get your eyes off the computer screen. Go for a walk, whether it be indoors or outdoors, to get mobilize your body and fend off any creative blockage. A study at Standford backs up this notion that walking is a great way to boost your creativity.


Head to the Kitchen

A healthy diet is highly recommended by physicians, no matter your profession, however, there are some foods found to encourage stimulation of entrepreneurial creativity. Fueling your mind and body with the proper nutrients, vitamins, minerals and coffee (or green tea if you’re not a fan of a strong roast) will contribute greatly to getting those creative juices flowing.